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Luxury Homes of Miami

décembre 23, 2016

Miami is home to richest of the rich- and we don’t just mean money. Miami boasts some of the country’s- some of the world’s– most beautiful coastline. Neighborhoods are dense with culture and livelihood. The people of the city treasure Miami so affectionately, it is impossible not to see the see the city by the sea for the treasure that it is.

With some of the most favored land in the world comes big investors after property in Miami. Investors with pocketbooks that take daydream homes off paper and onto the sand. Big time architects are no stranger the development of Miami’s modern luxe. Zaha Hadid, Renzo Piano and Rafael Viñoly all of their hands in the fire and are pushing to keep Miami as the leader of the property game.

High-end properties are not hard to come by in Miami. The market is in such demand of the perfect post-modern high rise by the beach, that a new and more beautiful building enters the city’s skyline every turn of the head.

Miami beach luxury homes are something of their own ideal. Twenty-million for a home fails to turn heads. Let’s take a look at some of the mega-famous properties around Miami. With our help, you will be living in and amongst the very best and most exclusive local real estate.

Here are seven of the most expensive homes on the market (or recently snagged, but included for perspective) in Miami:

North Bay Road is classic baller status Miami. The palm-lined road is modest, letting the property homes speak for the street. Palm Road is home to four of Miami’s most expensive homes:

  1. Coming in at $32 million, Miami’s most expensive home overlooks the ocean and has a private pool for those fresh water days. The 8,000 square foot property houses six bedrooms and seven baths. The renovated 1930s pad has views that span both downtown Miami and the Intercoastal Waterway.
  2. Not far down the road, we head to the water and onto the private deck where this 19,000 square-foot mansion’s guests watch ships of the Atlantic pass by. You can call these eleven beds and nine baths home for $30.5 million.
  3. No need to leave the North Bay Road address line to get to the city’s fourth most expensive home at $25.5 million. This property’s nine baths and seven beds are housed by a stately exterior whose bright white serves as a class contrast against the palms and sky.
  4. Wrapping up our gawking on North Bay Road, we look at a seven bed, eight bath property across 9,000 square feet. The Spanish-style home, characterized by its courtyard, foliage, and floor-to-ceiling windows is listed at $25 million.

Next, we head to Palm Avenue, one of the most glamourous strips to call home in South Florida. Palm Avenue runs close to the bars and restaurants of Miami Beach.

  1. On the market for $32 million, the other most expensive home in Miami sits on 14,000 square feet- ample space for nine baths and eight beds. This home is well loved for its floor-to-ceiling windows, lavish gardening, and variety of swimming pools.
  2. Surrounded entirely by palm trees, six bed and seven baths on 9,000 square feet hits the market at $25 million. Looking for the swimming pool? It’s in the garden.

Last but not least, we turn to W 27th street.

  1. This last property is a steal at a modest $23 million. Its seven beds and nine baths sprawl endlessly across the property’s 11,000 square feet. Lavish gardens encase the stunning, classic Miami architecture that boasts an open and contemporary plan design with large windows and glass staircases.

Want more information on modern high-rises and luxury villas Miami? Get in touch with our team of agents at VIAC.

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