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Why Move to Miami Beach?

mars 17, 2017

Try to find a person that doesn’t like Miami. It is a dare. The reason it’s so hard to go down Miami’s lane of faults and disadvantages is because it can effortlessly distract you with all its glitz and glamor. The Magic City was, is, and always will be a great place to have a good time. Period. It is just too crazy to take things seriously and too sophisticated to lose its style. Yes, Miami’s traffic is ever-worsening, stress levels can peak, and swarms of tourists clog the streets, however, most of its residents still can’t help feel anchored here because there is no other city that reflects them better.

The weather

If you consider a human being an animal (whether that is true or not is another discussion), the only natural habitat which suits our biological properties are tropical regions. Erase clothes and tools for warmth from the picture just for a second and think only about the environment in which we can naturally sustain ourselves.

Well, it just so happens to be that Miami sits above the Tropic of Cancer, meaning that the weather is perfect for humans to thrive all year round.

Humid and hot summers, warm winters, coastal location, climate influenced by the Gulf Stream… This is what makes everything in Miami so comfortable and relaxing. You don’t need to burden yourself with too much clothing, like you would in northern states, being cold is the thing of the past, and hitting the beach is one of the easiest things both said and done.

The beaches

First off, immense cultural diversity has literarily made this resort city a haven for culinary arts. Rows and rows of quality restaurants overlooking the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean are bound to transform your belly into your own personal tour guide.

Second, luxury homes in Miami Beach are what architecture and design are all about. It is simply a delight to walk through the palm streets and promenades filled with inspirational high-end apartments, condos, and houses.

And last, a chance to go for a swim or party is practically around every corner. The vibrant nightlife makes Miami Beach a magnet for tourists. However, peaceful and quiet neighborhoods can also be found scattered about, you just have to know where the gathering hubs of spring breakers, celebrities, clubbers, and party animals are.

Business ventures

There is a certain downside to Miami Beach if you wish to find a job at someone else’s company because opportunities are scarce. However, opportunities can be found if you want to build your career with your own two hands. The Magic City is a fertile ground for entrepreneurs who have a clear vision and a realistic assessment of their abilities.

Another thing worthy of note is that Miami Beach luxury real estate industry is one of the most developed in the world and a lot of people are making a nice living out of it. Despite the administrative unpredictability of the current presidential situation in the U.S., this industry has become almost immune to political values and moods for decades.


Moving from one place to another can be a tedious experience, but the world is surely filled with destinations that will make that decision worthwhile. Odds are definitely in favor that Miami Beach can also grant you that level of satisfaction and comfort. However, the resort city calls only those who wish to hear its call, it is ultimately up to you to take the plunge. If you are still uncertain, maybe just take a look at any picture of Miami Beach, and imagine yourself waking up to this natural and urban beauty every day.

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